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Good bt keep login out

I have to log in every time I open it ....

horribly buggy

extremely buggy, can't believe is app was put out on the app store. clicking on any image from people in my circles results in invalid URLs. I tried many people in my circles and I have close to 8,000 people, picked about 14 at random and the same result, invalid URLs for each person from my sample. deleted this app within 10 minutes. I'm glad I chose to download the free version and not lose money.


This application need a lot of improvement before it becomes something good in the market

Web App

Basically it just brings up all the mobile sites from Google. It acts more like a mobile app. It that's what you want then more power to ya! Pro: didn't have to pay money Con: mobile sites


It is touch stale and unresponsive, I deleted in in not even three minutes.


What a garbage. I am forgiving for little bugs etc. cuz all that can happen with even best ideas and apps, however if the app designed for a specific purpose is worse then website version of whatever is offered, it makes it useless and time wasting development for both user and whomever chose to spend some time to design it.

Look elsewhere

Thought I found a G+ app, but sadly mistaken. I can't get past the pop-up telling me about swiping to see whats hot on G+.

So much for that

I wanted to give this app a try. But I can't even get past the "this app would be better with friends" popup. Just frustrating.


I realize Google is to blame for not having a proper G+ app but this is just bad. I appreciate the effort but after sign in which is just a mobile web page none of the navigation works but Gmail. I'll save myself the time and just access through the Google Search app. I'll try it again if it gets a little more polish.


Keeps making me sighn in, then when I go to my circle tab it pops up a "find more friends" but no matter what I do it won't go away. Umm old be nice if they fix this!

G-pad app

This is a much needed app, has 3 major apps i use all rolled up into one. Am deleting the other ones thank u.

Doesn't work

Wouldn't show me my G+ stream, photos, or circles. All I could do was access Gmail. Pointless app at it's current state.

Just bad

Terrible, it is buggy and just unresponsive. Also the design is a complete ripoff of twitters app.

Google+ gets stuck

will not let you post anything, its like the app gets stuck.

Stay away

I installed this and it worked fine for 10 min. Now I cant even view google+ in the app. That's the only reason I downloaded the app in the first place...

Not working

Stream is not loading :@ ... Uninstalling

Broken - deserves no stars and is deleted.

Does not go past opening add friends screen, even though I have some, and does not allow you to log out. Has the feel of a rush to market app. Here's a clue - stop using customers for beta products. Not ready for Prime time.

Completely non-functional

Find Friends popup won't go away no matter which button I tap (skip, continue, X), so timeline is inaccessible. Support link from app page goes to a blank page. Total deadened.

Seemed Nice at First

Was able to log in just fine & see my G+ stream & then when I tapped on links to read more in someones stream, it didn't work. It brought up a profile window for someone mentioned in the post instead. Button to close that window did not work when tapped. Tried to change to different stream & another window opened & tapping the button to close was not working again. Closed out, deleted app.

Doesn't work

Wouldn't let me past initial setup on stream for +

Not much better than using safari

For some reason the part that actually is supposed to show Google+ content isn't working for me. Gmail works fine but it's essentially using a web page on google's gmail mobile site. Music works fine too. Unfortunately the reason why I downloaded it, G+ access on my iPad, is broken. Back to Safari then I guess.


The app has some major issues, but the UI is nice, and it has major potential. I would love to use this once is actually works. Fix: Some linking issues No way to get rid of a panel Doesn't load stream Slow sometimes Six these, and the app is golden.

Buggy, cheap data aggregator.

This app is a poorly-coded mash-up of data feeds, presented in mess of sliding windows that seem to have mind of their own. Locks up frequently when switching tabs. The app refuses to remember my google login, and both the g+ and twitter sections are just direct feeds of the mobile view from each app. I can view those without the clutter via my browser, so why keep this app? If you're looking for a clean interface that does a great job of displaying your g+ and/or twitter feed, and an intuitive interface for interacting with those social media services, this app ain't it.


is there anyway I can login with my yahoo account? It's the one I used since they're, like, "linked" on web... But I haven't been able to test G-Pad since I can't get past the login screen...

Really excited, then really disappointed.

I was waiting for someone to come out with a good application for posting to my google plus account, and I was really excited when I finally saw this app hit the marketplace. Unfortunately I was equally disappointed when basically all it's funny function-able to do is show the main feed. I can't write any posts, I can't even see inside circles which is pointless. Too bad, ideally in theory it's a good app.

Shooting gallery

There are so many problems I'm not going to waste ,y time listing them. I'm sure it's obvious to the developers, but until they fix it, don't download.

Not working...

Won't allow me to "accept terms and conditions" REALLY DISAPPOINTING!


Worst app I've had on my iPad. Links don't work, functionality is poor, it's pretty bad!


What's going on? It doesn't respond at all.

Needs refining

The photo interface is completely non-responsive. Tabs that open my-pad style do not open and close like one would expect. Finally, the sign-out option gives you two options: Cancel, or sign in to Twitter...does not actually sign you out of google.

Can't run

Doesn't respond after clicking on accepting terms and conditions. Wastage. Deleted !

A very good app, but...

...I'm getting tired of having to log in every time I open the app.

A pretty wrapper for a lame mobile website

I'll give the author three stars for the effort, but all this app does is put a sidebar menu on Google's own worthless mobile web version of Google+ --something they should be doing anyway. Some panels don't respond when trying to dismiss them or browse backward, and the Twitter integration is completely superfluous. I already have a Twitter app; I don't need it blended with my G+ experience.

Doesn't work.

I can't get past the entry screen. I tap "Accept Terms" & it does nothing. Very disappointed. I've deleted & reloaded with the same results.

Not bad

I'm not a huge fan of the interface, but it works, and it's nice having my gmail inbox and calendar right there. If they could fix it so that it looks halfway decent in landscape mode, I would give five stars. Still the best G+ app I've tried, though.

Crash King

Cannot get past the log in screen. Continues to crash. Please fix!

App to the web app.

Not to bad with the integration buttons on the left. I would pay .99 or even 1.99 to get rid of the ads at the bottom. 3 stars because it still lacks some functionality of the iPhone app. Not their fault, but really looking forward to the official app from Google.


I really enjoy mypad but cannot setup gpad. Hopefully this is resolved sooner than later....

Sorely disappointed

I downloaded this app a couple of days ago and everything worked beautifully. Checked it out again today and the only thing working was Twitter! Hell, I couldn't even get an add! My only real complaint had been having to sign in to Google each and every time I used the app, which is ridiculous. I don't think the problem is on Google's end, either, because I can log into Google+'s iPhone app on my iPad 2 with no problem and everything is fine. When properly working this is one of the most beautiful and functional apps there is. Having seen it properly in action I would be grateful if you'd take a minute out of your busy schedule and FIX THIS!

It's just a front end to the web site

Come on guys, I didn't have any of the other stability issues that everyone else seems to be having, but really, this application is just a front end to the G+ mobile Web site. I didn't rate it as a 1 because I didn't have to pay for it, but even so, this is a useless app. Give it another go when google release an open interface for G+, and then integrate it into mypad+, and i'll even consider paying an upgrade fee for that, because that would be the best of all worlds.

Minor problems

Only two problems I have with this app otherwise it works pretty good. One is the gigantic ad at the bottom and the other is when I hit the logout button it asks me to log into twitter instead of logging out. When you hit cancel at this point because what you want to do is log out and not log into twitter, it does nothing but send you back into the app.


Not a bad app but could use some polish. Why do I need to login every time I bring the app up? Just waiting for Google to bring out a iPad app.

Good app

But need to update.

Don't bother

This is literally just the mobile website put inside their "app". You're better off with the iPhone version on the iPad.


Can't get past login screen. Why create it and circulate if you haven't tested it?

Can't hit continue

Won't let me enter info. Can't hit continue,nothing happens.

It is something

I do like that they brought something to the table but it is currently just a shell for the mobile web page. The big issue I have though is that I cannot get the notifications to take me to the post it is referring to. Hope it gets better as we go!

Keeps booting me out

You have to pay to get rid of the adds.


The most important feature, circles , is not working on this app.

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